TEDxCanberraWomen 2019: Bold+Brilliant

TEDxCanberra returns in December with TEDxCanberraWomen 2019: Bold+Brilliant – an evening of live talks and performances by female change-makers, trail-blazers and big thinkers out to change the world, one idea worth spreading at a time.

This year’s theme is ‘Bold+Brilliant’ — without apology. At TEDxCanberraWomen 2019, we’ll shining a spotlight on dazzling ideas from some of Canberra’s most extraordinary risk-takers and innovators. Celebrating pioneers making power moves, brilliant people who are just getting started, and those who tirelessly show up as allies and advocates. TEDCanberraWomen 2019 will be no less than a joyful, thought-provoking celebration of smarts, savvy and diverse dynamism.

Check out the full program for TEDxCanberraWomen: Bold + Brilliant here.

Do you want to speak on the TEDxCanberra stage?

We will shortly be curating speakers and performers for our 2019 program of TEDxCanberra events. Each TEDx­Can­ber­ra event fea­tures a carefully curated selection of the region’s most innov­at­ive and inspiring ideas.

If you know someone with an idea that belongs on the TEDx­Can­ber­ra stage, or if you have an idea yourself, we want to hear from you. Outline who you are nominating, how we can get in touch with them, and give an overview of the idea.

Remember, the key criterion is that you have an idea worth spreading.

Apply here.

Speaker Spotlight

In this moving and often funny talk from TEDxCanberra 2017, Wayne Herbert challenges some common myths about disability and sexuality. He explores the power of social labels and how they can affect one’s life in both positive and negative ways. Wayne knows there is much work to be done to improve the employment of people with disability. He knows all too well that as a country, Australia cannot let the skills and talents of people with disability go to waste. Wayne has a unique, humorous, thought-provoking, and challenging insight into the issues facing people with disability. He too has a disability, but is well-known for forgetting about it. ‘Is it wrong that I forget I have a disability? I just get on with things; I’ve got shit to do.’

Image credit: Maria Koulouris

Discover some of our favourite TEDxCanberra Talks below:

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