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TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global movement dedicated to sharing great ideas that change the world for the better. TEDxCanberra is a program of independently organised, nonprofit and volunteer-run TED events serving Australia’s national capital.

Every year, we showcase the best ideas from Canberra and around Australia to the world, and act as a platform for up-and-coming changemakers and artists. Since our conception in 2010, we have inspired thousands of people with ‘ideas worth spreading’.

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What does it mean to ‘create impact’ and ‘have impact’? What does ‘good’ impact for the future look like, and what guides it? How should we balance the ambition to create impact with other ingredients of a happy, meaningful life?

Our TEDxCanberra audience knows that change comes in excruciating increments for those who believe in it. But once again, we are confronted by a reality that deserves a greater sense of urgency. It is hardly time for small minds, a lagging status quo and petty indifferences.

Since 2010, TEDxCanberra has brought together thousands of Canberrans to celebrate great ideas on science, technology, arts, culture and the humanities. 

In 2022, we will build on this incredible history by inviting speakers and performers to explore how we might grow and learn to give voice, through stories of impact, to change that emerges now.

Join us on Sunday 16 October for a day of ‘ideas worth spreading’ at the Cultural Centre Kambri at ANU, where we present a series of brilliant ideas and the people behind them. They are out to change the world – through their impactful stories.

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