Gamification is part of our everyday life whether we realise it or not. But instead of seeing it as a way to coerce, Kerstin shares with us how we can apply fun and games to improve our work and life.


Q: Tell us a bit about your work and why you love it.
I work as a gamification and design thinking consultant, and am doing my PhD in gamification. Gamification is about bringing play into our lives to achieve great things together.


I love gamification because it helps us nudge behaviour to be healthier, work better together, achieve goals, all while having more fun!


Q: What’s something you are working on right now that you can share with us?
I’m working with several teams to apply gamification in their workplaces. We are working on how to share knowledge, collaborate, and celebrating collective achievement. It’s very exciting to be part of transforming teams through the power of fun.


Q: What does MOMENTUM, our TEDxCanberra2017 theme, mean to you?
Momentum is about being active in creating the future we want. It’s about bringing people together to work toward something. It’s about energy and future.


Q: What can our TEDxCanberra audience expect to hear from you? 
I’m going to talk about how gamification can be used to help us work together towards collective goals, and change the way you think about games and play. You’ll leave excited excited about the potential of gamification.


Q: What are you most looking forward to sharing at the event?
I want to share my passion for gamification, and show people how we can meaningfully integrate fun and play into more aspects of our lives.


Q: What do you like most about Canberra?
I love Canberra’s people, the blending of nature and city, and how proud we are to live here.


Fun Fact! What’s one thing you can share that people don’t know about you?
I’m a black belt in 3 martial arts, and am studying 2 more!


To find out how gamification can enhance your work and play, join us at Momentum on Saturday 16 September at The Canberra Theatre.