The ACT government have promised to release zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. Now that we’ve made this promise, how will we take control of climate change?

Antonio Mozqueira believes each of us can be a hero. As individuals, we can each make a difference.

Antonio will be sharing his ideas with you at our flagship event in September.

Australians current life expectancy is 82.5, that’s 10 years longer than in the 1970s. We’re all living longer, but do we really understand what that’s going to mean for us?

Do our traditional views of ageing stack up, or are we limiting ourselves based on an outdated understanding of what it means to get older?

Dr Catherine Rickwood will be speaking at our flagship event about how we can challenge our assumptions about ageing, and living a good life as we get older.

You’ve heard of the Embassy of the USA, of Finland, of Cambodia… but have you heard of the Embassy of Kindness?

Kanesan Nathan believes in defining the world by kindness. The transformative driving force of kindness. Which is why he’s half of the driving force behind Embassy of Kindness. An Embassy which has a lot to teach us about how kindness could start a revolution.

Have you ever picked up after your dog, put the poo in the bin and thought – hang on, there’s got to be a better way than to send this to landfill?

Gemma Thomson has. Not only has she thought it, she’s come up with an idea to fix it.

Gemma will be sharing her idea with you at our flagship event in September.

Before age 24, Paul Buckley didn’t think he’d ever be in jail. But that’s exactly where he ended up.

Hear his unique story, and divergent ideas, about how Australian lives would change with a prison system that actually worked.

Paul is the first of our speakers at TEDxCanberra 2018. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we release our full line up.

Katie Senior is an amazing dancer, and an extraordinary human, who happens to have Down Syndrome. Liz Lea is a performer, choreographer and producer who has travelled the world to dance.

Together, Katie and Liz will perform a piece about how Down Syndrome affects people differently, yet we’re all the same.

When the promotional information says “available for performance – violin or DJ”, you know it’s going to be a good time. Mr Michael will be playing violin, while Humanizm (Ed Reading) will be DJing his own original electronic compositions.

Comedian, Canberran, Chris. A three-word intro for Chris Ryan who will use plenty of words, probably not all starting with c, to get you laughing at our flagship event in September. Chris is a local comedy queen who will keep you on your toes with her natural humour and comedy spiel.

Mickey is a local Canberran 18 year old solo singer songwriter with a voice that will blow you away. Lucky for you, you’ll be able to say you saw her at TEDxCanberra, because we can tell she’ll be selling out concerts in no time.