What people say

Hearty thanks Mitchell Whitelaw and Simon Taylor chat at lunch Will Steffen

“All the now much-offered superlatives apply: inspiring, thoughtful, professionally staged, well themed, excellent choice of speakers on broad range of important subjects.” – Darius Irvin

“I dig the interactive format. The listeners got a chance to speak, the speakers took the time to listen and the conversation was dynamic in the virtual and real worlds alike.” – Bridget Sullivan

“… the incredible power of Pete Williams’ presentation on how Flowerdale fought back during the Feb 2009 Victoria fires with the power of community, networks, social media and spirit. A must watch when the video goes up.” – Jen Frahm

“It was fantastic to see everyone passionately talking about a subject that meant a lot to them.” – Ryan Tracey

“It was exhausting and exhilarating. People, education, society, future, sustainability.” – Katie Bunker

As The Canberra Times noted, “…the National Library will be overrun with people thinking and talking about big ideas…”