Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins

Licensee and Creative Catalyst

Stephen Collins is passionate and obsessive (often at the same time, and not always to his benefit) and uses those driving forces as TEDxCanberra’s creative catalyst.

What do you do at TEDxCanberra?

I’m the licensee and originator of TEDxCanberra. I have the title of Creative Catalyst, which effectively means I come up with crazy ideas that we then shape to something realistic. I am also the TEDx Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand.

After attending TED@Palm Springs in 2009, I knew that as soon as the TEDx program was announced I had to bring TEDx to the national capital. In doing so, the team have created something special and intimate, with its own unique feel. I’m incredibly lucky to be working with these people.

I’ve been to TED four┬átimes; each is a powerful experience.

What would you talk about during a 3-minute TEDTalk?

I’m incredibly proud of the person my daughter, Hannah, is becoming. With a combination of influence from me and Alli, and her own independent thinking, she’s emerging as quite the young woman. I’d talk about being the kind of parent that encourages independent thought and never accepting things on face value as qualities in your kids.

Come up with five words that describe you.

Husband, Dad, obsessive, geek, rugby nut. Actually, that’s six. I cheated.

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