Ruth Ellison

Ruth Ellison

Volunteer Coordinator

Without Ruth Ellison’s help, the many hands that make lighter work of TEDxCanberra would be a mess. Ruth’s also mad about robots. None of our volunteers are robots. Maybe…

What do you do at TEDxCanberra?

My main role is to co-ordinate the volunteers and I will also be helping out with on-the-day event production.
After volunteering on the TEDxCanberra 2010 team, I’m excited at having the opportunity to work with yet another passionate and inspiring team to help bring TEDxCanberra 2011 to life!

What would you talk about during a 3-minute TEDTalk?

I’m passionate about inclusive design, robots and graffiti. My 3-minute talk will be one of the following:

  • How we can better design environments and products to help build a more inclusive and sustainable culture where people of all abilities can participate
  • The secret life of graffiti (look around – you’ll be amazed at where you’ll find graffiti and the messages they are conveying)
  • A quick look at innovations in the robotics field

Come up with five words that describe you.

Passionate, inquisitive, geek, designer, skeptic

More about Ruth

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