Clare Conroy

Clare Conroy

Team Mentor

An original team member, Clare now uses her TEDx experience to guide the TEDxCanberra team as Team Mentor.

What do you do at TEDxCanberra?

After three years on the TEDxCanberra team as Executive Producer, I took a step back from the organising and doing (and cat-herding!). I’m very pleased to support the new and growing team as Team Mentor – which basically involves ensuring that the team gets support and encouragement and that the years of TEDx learnings are built on.

What would you talk about durĀ­ing a 3-minute TEDxTalk?

The dangers of sitting. Seriously. Sitting presents huge risks to our physical well-being, but we do it for long periods every single day without even thinking about it. So in my 3 minute TEDx talk, I’d ask the audience to ‘beware of the chair’ and I’d share my three really fun, really easy activities that office workers can integrate into their day to get them up and out of their chairs – the phone hop (stand on one leg while on the phone – left leg while they’re talking, right leg while you’re talking), the bathroom challenge (think Foursquare like check-ins for bathrooms – the further away and the more you go to the more points you get), and no-chair meetings!

Come up with five words that describe you.

Thinker. Connector. Human. Chocolate lover.

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