Allison Denny-Collins

Allison Denny-Collins

Front-of-House Manager

Picking up any job that needs doing, Alli Denny-Collins makes sure everyone at TEDxCanberra has a great time. So far, she’s also managed to put up with Steve for 20 years…

What do you do at TEDxCanberra?

I basically run around on the day of the event. I help with the attendee check-in, usher attendees into the theatre and help with anything random.

Leading up to TEDxCanberra each year, I will be calming the passionate and obsessive husband of mine (Steve).

Bringing people together who have never met and then can come together so easily as a team to make a successful event; as a human resource professional it is always beautiful to see.

What would you talk about dur­ing a 3-minute TEDx Talk?

How can we, as a community, help children who are in families that are not as privileged some, and who are struggling to survive?

They may be children whose parents have been on long-term unemployment, have a health issue, etc. Yes, there are many organisations to aid with this, but what can we as a community or person do? If children are our future how do we help those in need be as successful as they can? How do we help them dream and be inspired – particularly if it does not happen in the home?

Why would I talk about this? When I was growing up this was my life, and it only took one person and their family to show me a different possibility.

Come up with five words that describe you.

Enthusiastic, always learning, mum, wife and curious.

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