Ed Bosworth – Understanding the GFC

In an enlightening talk, Ed Bosworth distills his years of big banking experience to explain to the audience where their mortgages come from, why the GFC happened, how Australia’s banking system is different to much of the world and most importantly, how banks are going to prevent another GFC. And there are ninjas, The Rolling Stones and The Knack thrown in for good measure.

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  1. JasonB
    JasonB March 9, 2013 at 11:49 PM | | Reply

    Not one seminal or innovative concept of explaining the gfc in this talk, another risk manager with an over inflated sense of intellect, who if you spoke to in early 2007 would have told you how the modern miracles of risk management has made the finance world safer for all eternity. Probably sat in his cozy back office role his whole career and never ran a real business in the real world or risked a dollar of his capital in an innovative idea, but seems to think he very qualified at explaining the inner workings of the GFC.

    People like this are what caused the gfc, his views and opinions belongs where his statistics and mathematics degree came from, a dusty, poorly lit, tertiary department library book shelf, few frequent or borrow from.

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