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Thinkers. Doers. Idea-generators. These are the speakers who have delivered a talk at TEDxCanberra.

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Dina McMil­lan

Violence prevention activist

Shorty and Chow

Jazz-funk impresarios

John Fee­han


Khadi­ja Gbla

Anti-FGM activist

Anita Collins

Musician and brain researcher

Elean­or Gates-Stu­art

Artist and historian

Shane Hors­burgh

Youth mentor


Folk-parody musicians

Wendy Bonython

Medico-legal researcher

Mari­am Hakim

Asylum seeker advocate

Pia Waugh

Open data advocate

Mark McCrindle

Social researcher

CJ Bower­bird

Spoken word artist

Mark Pes­ce


Will Grant

Science communicator

Tony Wong

Sustainable cities advocate

Mar­cus Dawe

Climate entrepreneur

Jah­la Gato

Philosopher and climate advocate