Mark Pes­ce


In this talk from TEDx­Can­ber­raSalon 2013, Mark picks up where he left off his earli­er present­a­tion at TEDx­Can­ber­ra 2010, deliv­er­ing with pas­sion on mobile shar­ing, con­nec­ted­ness and learn­ing.

Mark Pes­ce is an invent­or, entre­pren­eur, writer, edu­cat­or and broad­caster. In 1994 He co-inven­ted VRML, a 3D inter­face to the World Wide Web, and has gone on to write six books, includ­ing The Play­ful World: How Tech­no­logy is Trans­form­ing Our Ima­gin­a­tion, which explored the fron­ti­ers of the future through an exam­in­a­tion of inter­act­ive toys, and THE NEXT BILLION SECONDS an ana­lys­is of cul­ture now that we’re all ‘hyper­con­nec­ted’.

Pes­ce foun­ded post­gradu­ate pro­grams in inter­act­ive media at both the Uni­ver­sity of South­ern Cali­for­nia and the Aus­trali­an Film, Tele­vi­sion and Radio School.  For sev­en years, Pes­ce was a pan­el­ist and judge on the ABC’s hit series The New Invent­ors, and reg­u­larly com­ments on the inter­sec­tion of tech­no­logy and soci­ety for JJJ Hack, The Pro­ject, and ABC Loc­al Radio. In 2012, Pes­ce foun­ded Moor­esCloud, a com­pany ded­ic­ated to mak­ing the Inter­net of Things easy to use and increas­ingly use­ful.