Will Steffen

Will Steffen

Climate change warrior

Climate change is rapidly becoming the defining challenge for humanity in the 21st century.

Why you should listen to him

Dealing with climate change demands new types of knowledge – every bit as demanding and rigorous as traditional academic knowledge but more integrated and connected, and more closely linked to practitioners searching for solutions to the climate change challenge.

Will Steffen heads the Australian National University’s Climate Change Institute and has proven often that he is unafraid of facing the denialists head on, particularly challenging Senator Steve Fielding in a scathing letter made public last year in Crikey.

If you want the truth on climate change, backed by solid science, Will Steffen is your man.

That the Earth’s surface is warming is unequivocal, and there is also strong agreement amongst the vast majority of climate change scientists that anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases… are the primary cause.


ANU Climate Change Institute

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