Sunny Forsyth

Sunny Forsyth

Clean water advocate

Working to bring clean water to the world, Sunny Forsyth helps bring the skills and tools needed to the communities he works with.

Why you should listen to him

Abundant Water was established in 2008 to train Lao village potters to make, from nothing more than clay and coffee grounds, their own drinking water filters.

The project was born after Sunny Forsyth was amazed by the potential that such a simple filter had to help the billion people who do not have access to clean drinking water and the realisation that this innovation was currently not being shared with those who need it.

The project was established as a grass roots community and has become a study in what is possible when a global community of passionate volunteers rally around an issue. Sunny will share this story and demonstrate how we can all make a difference regardless of our circumstances.

I am inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


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