Sam Prince

Sam Prince

By applying business rigour to development and healthcare, Sam Prince intends to advance education and eradicate disease across the globe.

Why you should listen to him

Dr Sam Prince is a 27 year old entrepreneur, medical doctor, and philanthropist. He established a fresh Mex grill franchise while studying medicine at the age of 21. He grew Zambrero to over 15 stores and counting, 170 staff and over $10 million in revenue, and the business was recognised as the fastest growing franchise in Australia in 2010 by BRW.

Paying homage to his parentsā€™ modest origins in rural Sri Lanka, Sam has set his will towards democratising healthcare and education for young people in Australia and across the globe. Off the success of his rapidly-expanding national Zambrero group, Sam created the Emagine Foundation in 2007. They have built and equipped 15 IT learning centres in rural Sri Lanka to date, ensuring that children in these areas are not prevented from accessing the education required to better their lives, simply by virtue of their geographical location and socioeconomic circumstance. There are plans for 100 centres by the end of 2014, and expansion to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Sam is currently Chairman of One Disease at a Time, an aid organisation which aims to systematically eliminate infectious diseases from Australia for good, one at a time. This leads him to work much closer to home, to improveĀ the health of remote Indigenous communities where children suffer from the parasite Scabies at epidemic proportions.

Through his work, Sam intends to achieve his dream of providing the infrastructure and opportunity for disadvantaged young people across the globe to empower themselves through good health and quality education. Sam’s success in business derives from an unusual ability to visualise practical solutions to seemingly vast problems, and to drive these through implementation through a calculated approach and by force of willpower and inspiring others to believe in his vision.

He believes that aid work should be run with the same rigour as business, and has demonstrated the outcomes that can be achieved when this is applied.

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