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  • Daniel Kilov

    Daniel Kilov

    Daniel Kilov is a memory athlete who uses the techniques of memory sports to help people learn all things they ever wanted, but never thought they could.

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  • Karen Barlow

    Karen Barlow

    For ABC journalist Karen Barlow, the adventure, ice, climate research and penguins made the continent the perfect assignment. So much so that she twice hitched a ride on an Australian icebreaker.

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  • Kristin Alford

    Kristin Alford

    Kristin Alford explores the role of emerging technologies in broader social contexts, communicating their value to the wider community.

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  • Peter Kennedy

    Peter Kennedy

    When Catholic priest Father Peter Kennedy was ordered to leave St Mary’s Church in Brisbane accused of unorthodox practices, he and his flock begin an extraordinary journey in exile.

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