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  • Andrew Jaspan

    Andrew Jaspan

    Andrew Jaspan founded The Conversation, a web-based journalism venture that turns Australia’s universities into a giant newsroom, with the best and brightest writing in real-time on breaking news and current debates.

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  • Jahla Gato

    Jahla Gato

    Jahla’s interest in climate issues is framed by her philosophical training, driven by the desire to explore how these two fields intersect, and the ways that such exploration might constructively inform our practical, feet-on-the-ground approaches to these issues.

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  • Jeanette Purkis

    Jeanette Purkis

    Why you should listen to her Jeanette Purkis is a successful artist, author and public servant who has Asperger Syndrome. …

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  • Julie McKay

    Julie McKay

    After being sacked from her first after- school job for insubordination, Julie was petrified for at least one week (before she landed a new job) that she would never get another job. Luckily, this hasn’t permanently dented her ambition.

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  • Julie Posetti

    Julie Posetti

    While she’s attempting to think grand thoughts about the media in pursuit of a PhD, Julie Posetti secretly prefers to tweet them.

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  • Pierre Johannessen

    Pierre Johannessen

    Pierre Johannessen is showing young people from the slums of Bangladesh to the peaks of Nepal how incredibly able they are as individuals, and how immensely powerful they are together.

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