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  • Adele Chynoweth

    Adele Chynoweth

    Australia’s history has many tales of generations of people separated from family and suffering abuse. Adele Chynoweth tells the talk of one such group.

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  • Charley Lineweaver

    Charley Lineweaver

    Charley Lineweaver wants us to understand we’re both unique, and not so much. And it involves elephants, Charlton Heston and more.

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  • CJ Bowerbird

    CJ Bowerbird

    CJ Bowerbird is the 2013 Australian Poetry Slam Champion. He tells stories through verse, crafting poetry into paper planes of performance.

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  • Clive Summerfield

    Clive Summerfield

    Describing himself as a speech technology pioneer, for over 20 years Clive has been spearheading the research, development and commercialisation of speech technologies in Australia and around the world.

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  • Hannah Coleman

    Hannah Coleman

    Hannah Coleman is a ceramic artist, student, Girl Guide, young carer, member of the Youth Advisory Council of the ACT, and disability advocate.

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  • Leslie Cannold

    Leslie Cannold

    Ethicist, commentator and writer Leslie Cannold is one of Australia’s top public intellectuals, and as an ethicist asks the troubling questions many of us try to avoid.

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  • Poncho Circus

    Poncho Circus

    Coming out of the Warehouse Circus in Canberra, Poncho Circus are a group of young emerging circus artists who develop new and exciting contemporary circus work in Canberra.

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  • Stephen Coleman

    Stephen Coleman

    In examining the ethics of force multiplier technology, Stephen Coleman is bettering our understanding of the conduct of conflict and what non-lethal weaponry can mean.

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