Ed Bosworth

Ed Bosworth

Making the new banking industry

Ed Bosworth is looking to ensure we don’t crash under another GFC: important stuff in a complicated financial world.

Why you should listen to him

Ed Bosworth is the Head of Risk Reward at Westpac, a role that oversees policy and external reporting for the bank’s balance sheet structure. This includes responsibility for bank capital and liquidity, topics whose role in contributing to and mitigating the Global Financial Crisis has been much debated.

Ed has 15 years experience in Australian banking and has worked in several senior risk management roles. He co-authored the first published study of Australian bank losses from defaulted customers in 1998 and developed a model for measuring liquidity risk in 2002 that has since been proven wrong in almost every respect. He holds a postgraduate degree in Statistics and, despite being born and bred in Sydney, continues to believe that Canberra has the best quality of life to be found.

Ed’s not entirely about banking; he’s completed several OxFam Trailwalker events in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

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