Ash Donaldson

Ash Donaldson

Preconception buster

Think you know what you think? Ash Donaldson will show you you have no idea what you know or think.

Why you should listen to him

In his former career as a commercial pilot, Ash Donaldson was introduced to human factors, the scientific discipline concerned with understanding and designing to accommodate human capabilities and limitations: physically, behaviourally, and cognitively. This study sparked an insatiable curiosity to explore how convincingly our minds deceive us in our everyday lives, and how this affects our ability to make rational choices.

Born in Brisbane, Ash grew up between suburbs, cities and countries. He spends most of his time as a displaced person, regularly changing cities for interesting work. Between appointments, Ash spends his time abroad, chasing new experiences and being involved in conferences like TED and The EG.

Although we “believe it when we see it with our own eyes”, there are many holes in both input and interpretation of our senses.


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