Annette Zou and Richard Dear

Annette Zou and Richard Dear

Curiosity requires breadth as well as depth. As undergraduates in a world of career-driven specialisation, Annette and Richard are trying to catalyse curiosity from the inside.

Why you should listen to them

Richard is an undergraduate studying physics and philosophy at the Australian National University. He is 21, and in his spare time enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, experimenting on his electric violin, embarrassing himself trying to windsurf, and getting lost wandering around otherwise ‘normal’ places.

Annette is a commerce and Asian studies undergraduate studying at the Australian National University. Being born in China and raised in Australia allowed her to taste both worlds and gave her the chance to develop interesting perspectives of her experiences. When not being busy with school and work obligations, she is into drawing and design, analysing video games and playing ultimate frisbee.

Richard and Annette founded ANU XSA, the ANU Cross-disciplinary Students Academy in February 2011, and are developing a Global Cross-disciplinary Tournament to the held for the first time this September. They hope to spread the idea of the ‘cross-disciplinary attitude’ to all universities around the world.

More about Annette and Richard

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