• Adele Chynoweth

    Adele Chynoweth

    Australia’s history has many tales of generations of people separated from family and suffering abuse. Adele Chynoweth tells the talk of one such group.

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  • Andrew Jaspan

    Andrew Jaspan

    Andrew Jaspan founded The Conversation, a web-based journalism venture that turns Australia’s universities into a giant newsroom, with the best and brightest writing in real-time on breaking news and current debates.

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  • Andrew Stoeckel

    Andrew Stoeckel

    Specialising in trade policy analysis and the international economy, Andrew Stoeckel wants to understand why we make trade so hard and who is affected when we do.

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  • Annette Zou and Richard Dear

    Annette Zou and Richard Dear

    Curiosity requires breadth as well as depth. As undergraduates in a world of career-driven specialisation, Annette and Richard are trying to catalyse curiosity from the inside.

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  • Ash Donaldson

    Ash Donaldson

    Think you know what you think? Ash Donaldson will show you you have no idea what you know or think.

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  • Bliss


    Bliss are taking on the hip-hop world from Canberra. As an all-girl crew in a male-dominated art form, they’re not letting that stop them.

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  • Boho


    Science, art, theatre and big complex problems collide when Boho appear. They help to bring science education and understanding to the wider community.

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  • Brass Knuckle Brass Band

    Brass Knuckle Brass Band

    “Brass bands are all very well in their place. Outdoors and several miles away.”

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  • Brian Schmidt

    Brian Schmidt

    When he’s not helping to figure out the accelerating expansion rate of the universe and winning the Nobel Prize for Physics, Brian Schmidt enjoys teaching young people about science and making fine Pinot Noir.

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  • Charley Lineweaver

    Charley Lineweaver

    Charley Lineweaver wants us to understand we’re both unique, and not so much. And it involves elephants, Charlton Heston and more.

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