Mar­ket­ing with TEDx­Can­ber­ra

TEDx­Can­ber­ra is a know­ledge-shar­ing plat­form — a place where curi­os­ity is the glue that binds people togeth­er. TEDx­Can­ber­ra part­ner­ships bring togeth­er corporations,TEDxCanberra speak­ers and theTEDx­Can­ber­ra com­munity from the worlds of sci­ence, design, tech­no­logy, busi­ness, edu­ca­tion, and arts to col­lab­or­ate in a human-centered way. Learn how your com­pany, cor­por­a­tion, or found­a­tion can become a part of TEDxCanberra’s cul­ture of innov­a­tion.

Each part­ner­ship with TEDx­Can­ber­ra is craf­ted by our Part­ner­ships team to focus spe­cific­ally on the people you want to meet, and the way you want to show­case your organ­isa­tion. If you’re sick and tired of engage­ments that are noth­ing more than two people in busi­ness attire hand­ing out bro­chures and busi­ness cards, you should be con­sid­er­ing TEDx­Can­ber­ra and our com­munity as a way to show­case your com­pany.

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Align your mes­sage with TEDx­Can­ber­ra Talks con­nects a uni­verse of thou­sands of curi­ous and engaged thinkers around the world. We can con­nect your mes­sage with a glob­al com­munity across all of our media plat­forms, includ­ing, mobile, and our dis­tri­bu­tion net­work.

TEDx­Can­ber­ra Con­fer­ences


Build a pres­ence at TEDx­Can­ber­ra Con­fer­ences

We work with each part­ner to determ­ine how your story inter­sects with the TEDx­Can­ber­ra audience’s interests. Through exper­i­en­tial cafes, pro­gram­ming, and work­shops integ­rated through­out the con­fer­ence, we use big ideas to con­nect your brand with the influ­en­tial TEDx­Can­ber­ra com­munity.

TEDx­Can­ber­ra com­munity

TEDx Workshop

Tap in to gain valu­able insights

The TEDx­Can­ber­ra com­munity encom­passes a group of lead­ing thinkers from around the region who reg­u­larly work togeth­er to solve prob­lems. We can work with you to con­vene a group of TEDx­sters whose interests over­lap with your own to pur­sue big ideas rel­ev­ant to your organ­iz­a­tion.

You can email Olympia Yar­ger, Part­ner­ships Lead, at