The TEDx­Can­ber­ra team

TEDxCanberra is organised by a volunteer team with the generous assistance of partners in the corporate and public sectors.

Putting TEDxCanberra together takes over 3000 volunteer hours every year. Our team, shown below, donate their time and effort to make TEDxCanberra the amazing event it is.

Stephen Collins
Licensee and Creative Catalyst

I'm passionate and obsessive (often at the same time, and not always to my benefit) and use those driving forces as TEDxCanberra’s creative catalyst.

Ingrid Tomanovits
Executive Producer

Concocter of hare-brained schemes and cracker of whips, I keep the crew focused on building our community and generating excitement about our events.

Katharine Pierce
Presenter Lead

I'm TEDxCanberra's ideas detective - tracking down excellent speakers and helping them to bring their ideas to life.

Kristin Boag

I'm part of the Presenter Team and provide an additional set of hands and ears. This sometimes means meeting potential presenters in cafes and bars and then listening to them run through their talks in their lounge rooms. Particularly curious, I love finding ideas worth spreading in the field, then helping to bring them to the TEDx stage.

Lisa Walsch

As part of the Presenter team, I have the privilege of finding, helping and managing the presenters. I love connecting with inspiring people, listening to their stories and challenging them (in a good way) behind the scenes so they get the most out of their TEDx journey.

Maria Koulouris
Performer Curator

I'm our performance curator. That means that I have searched high and low in Canberra to find the best acts for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Olympia Yarger
Partner Lead

I am all about our partners. Finding them, engaging them and coordinating their TEDx Canberra experience. It’s exciting to work with people, businesses and organisations that are invested in the message and purpose of TEDx and are keen to be part of our events.

Brody Hannan
Partner Manager

I'm passionate about all things science and innovation. I studies Science and Policy Studies at the Australian National University and want to engage youth in science decision-making.

Natalie Wilson
Partner Manager
Natassja Hoogstad Hay
Communications Lead

As communications lead, my job is all about spreading TEDx Canberra stories and helping to connect us with the Canberra community.

Katie Dougherty
Web Manager

I am very excited to be working as a part of the TEDxCanberra Communications Team! I am in my third year at the Australian National University studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration and majoring in Marketing.

Ashleigh Crowhurst
Community Manager

I am on the Community Manager team for TEDxCanberra. I love bringing people together to share ideas, connections and passions.

Erin Posselt
Media Manager

I’m on the Communications Team for TEDxCanberra. I’m passionate about my city and I want to help change the rhetoric around "boring old Canberra" because that’s not who we are. We’re a strong, creative and brilliant city with lots to offer the world!

Aqeel Camal
Event Designer

I'm super excited to be part of the TEDxCanberra team this year! I'm a Year 11 student at Narrabundah College and passionate about innovation and education! I'll be bringing that passion to help put on a captivating and enriching show with something to offer for everyone.

Rahul Laroya
Sustainability Manager

I'm responsible for ensuring waste at our events, and during our working year are kept to a minimum. In 2016, we want to be zero-waste or better. I’m an environmental management graduate student at ANU with a passion for discovering and implementing sustainable solutions.

Amelia Bidgood
Food Experience Manager

I'm a communications professional with a passion for food, travel, wellness and inspiring others. As Food Experience Manager of TEDxCanberra 2016 and Founding Editor of Eat Canberra I'll create a unique food experience by showcasing the best of what's on offer in the Canberra region.

Meg Singh
Food Experience Manager

I am someone who is passionate about food and love to experience flavours.
I am really excited to be a part of TEDxCanberra as a Food Experience Manager so I can meet interesting people and introduce them to hearty, nourishing, soulful food that their mind and body will love.

Benjamin Murphy
Video Lead
Shian Buultjens
Volunteer Lead

Peace-loving, travel enthusiast and food explorer. I like marinating in ideas and ambient music. Other passions include cloud-spotting, film festivals and live music. Hello!

Connie Galati
Front-of-House Manager

I'm responsible for ensuring your on the day experience runs smoothly so that you can stay curious. I'll be the energetic and extroverted person you meet on the day who will want to discuss what your signature dish is, what Canberra hikes you've done lately, the best coffee brew in Canberra, and what made you come to TEDxCanberra. Welcome!

Pi Lee
Inclusion Manager

Although I have worn many hats in the past, this year I will be helping out with Access and Inclusion, to ensure that every person has the opportunity to be a part of the TEDxCanberra community and the events that I love so much.

Nikki Coleman
Pastoral Care Manager

I'm our Pastoral Care Manager – that means I makes sure all the crew and participants are happy and healthy. Say hello, I love to chat.

Hannah Coleman-Jennings
Inclusion Advisor