Terms of Use

Wel­come to the online TEDx­Can­ber­ra com­munity!

  • This web­site is provided as a pub­lic ser­vice to pro­mote the spread of good ideas. It wel­comes any­one will­ing to join us in this pur­suit.
  • You are encour­aged to view as many TEDx­Can­ber­ra Talks as you wish for free, and to share what you learn with oth­ers both online and off­line.
  • Any­one 13 and over can par­ti­cip­ate as a com­men­ter on TEDxCanberra.org by provid­ing basic con­tact inform­a­tion (first and last name, email address). Read our Pri­vacy Poli­cy.
  • By invit­ing you to par­ti­cip­ate in TEDx­Can­ber­ra Talk com­ments, we are seek­ing to build a mature online com­munity centered around ideas that mat­ter. Please be aware, when par­ti­cip­at­ing, that we will remove: 
    • con­tent pro­mot­ing pseudo-sci­ence, con­spir­acy the­or­ies, zealotry, pros­elyt­ising, self-pro­mo­tion, pro­duct-hawk­ing, and new-age fluff
    • con­tent writ­ten in txtspeak, all-caps, or oth­er­wise lazy gram­mar
    • con­tent pos­ted by mem­bers using joke names or non-names
    • dis­respect­ful, dis­taste­ful, uncon­struct­ive, or illeg­al con­tent
  • If you are under the age of 13, you may not com­ment without par­ent­al per­mis­sion. You’re wel­come to watch TEDx­Can­ber­ra Talks and enjoy the site.
  • If you act dis­respect­fully, dis­rupt­ively or illeg­ally on TEDxCanberra.org, we reserve the right to ter­min­ate your par­ti­cip­a­tion, at any time, and without pri­or warn­ing.

We are ser­i­ous about read­ing and con­sid­er­ing all feed­back we receive. If you have any ques­tions, con­cerns, or com­ments regard­ing these Terms of Use, please let us know.

Thank you. And now, please enjoy!