Momentum Performer Spotlight, The Gypsy Scholars

Next on our line-up of performers for TEDxCanberra Momentum is a charming folk band called The Gypsy Scholars. Comprised of James Kelly, Conagh McMahon Hogan, Joel Shapero and Alec Brinsmead, The Gypsy Scholars promise to bring inspired song writing, beautiful harmonies, and dance inducing music to the Canberra Theatre stage on Saturday 16 September.


After meeting in late 2014 at the Australian National University, The Gypsy Scholars have created wonderful songs that blend Aussie folk and indie influences. Since they first stepped onto the Australian music scene in 2015 with a performance of “Air’s A Little Cooler,” The Gypsy Scholars have charmed Australian listeners with their highly successful debut single “The Looking Glass,” sold out headline shows, and performed at festivals like Lost Paradise and Cream. They have also supported Polish Club, Slow Turismo and the iconic Andrew Farris from INXS.


Though their songs are a definite nod to the folk music genre, The Gypsy Scholars have also incorporated an interesting indie twist to their music. As multi-instrumentalists playing guitar, drums, trumpet, mandolin and more, each member brings something exciting to the table, creating a sound that is full of life and a whole lot of fun. Fitting to their name, The Gypsy Scholars seek inspiration for their music from their travels with songs like “Turtle” and “Paris” inspired by adventures overseas.


Though The Gypsy Scholars move between Sydney and Canberra, they still consider the nation’s capital as their spiritual home. What better way to see these youthful lads in action than at TEDxCanberra Momentum.


Treat yourself to an incredible performance by The Gypsy Scholars and purchase a ticket for TEDxCanberra Momentum. Click here for ticket info.


To find out more about The Gypsy Scholars, please visit their website.


Written by Sallie Rodriguez