Momentum Performer Spotlight, Cher Albrecht

Who goes high up in the air, twists and turns, and mystifies audiences with her strength and flexibility? That’s Cher Albrecht, the amazing stuntwoman and acrobat taking TEDxCanberra Momentum to new heights on Saturday 16 September 2017.


Cher Albrecht started her professional career as a performer at the age of 17, where she sang, danced, acted and performed acrobatics at local theme parks in her hometown Los Angeles. Cher then moved on to performing in live stunt shows, TV and films including “Bruce Almighty” and “Starship Troopers.”


After spending time studying yoga, rock climbing and playing on her trapeze at the picturesque Yosemite National Park, Cher moved to Australia to pursue an opportunity in her trade of graphic design. She has since moved to Canberra and continues to share her passion for aerial arts with the Canberra local community.


In 2015, Cher made her dream of creating an adult playground come true by opening Aerial Sports, a dedicated aerial acrobatics studio that aims to make aerial acrobatics accessible for all who want to partake in the sport.


She also co-founded Solco Acro, Canberra’s first women’s aerial acrobatics and dance troupe. The women of Solco Acro use choreography, aerial dance and circus arts to create a stunning visual and emotional experience for all.


Be prepared to watch Cher Albrecht take on the Canberra Theatre stage and showcase the physical power and beauty of Momentum. Learn more about our speaker line up and other performers here.


For more information about Cher visit Solco Acro.

And you can learn more about Aerial Sports here.


Written by: Sallie Rodriguez

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