TEDxCanberra is in for a delicious treat at this year’s flagship event Momentum. Serving up crowd pleasers like tasty Thai Beef and scrumptious home made Anzac biscuits, Swirl Catering has planned a special menu that is sure to keep the momentum going and feed our hungry attendees.

We caught up with Swirl Catering’s charming 24-year-old Director Lachlan Exton to find out more about his work and the delicious food the company is serving Canberra’s top businesses.

How long has Swirl Catering been in business?
Swirl Catering has been around for 7 years now and I transitioned into the family business straight from school.

What is Swirl Catering’s Philosophy?
We want to make our customers feel comfortable, welcomed and that they are our number one priority. We pride ourselves in serving our customers freshly prepared food with professional and personal service.

How have you kept the momentum going in your business?
In regards to the team, we keep busy in order to grow and keep the momentum going. If its not providing high quality service and food, we find other things to do whether that’s checking our equipment, stock, maintenance or reaching out to our customers.

Swirl Catering uses momentum to grow our business. I try to keep momentum going when we are quiet to prepare ourselves for when the clients come to us. We stay up to date with hospitality trends to streamline production and make the business more efficient. We’ve also recently updated our equipment and have a state of the art food and beverage management system that takes control of our food costs and supply increases. If we invest money in equipment that gives us more time to spend with our customers, then we’re doing better.

What are some of the food menus on offer?
We have a range of packages available for our customers and we can also create tailored menus to suit different needs. The ACT Government has recently implemented a new healthy eating initiative where catering companies have to align with the green light system so we’ve developed specific menus that have been approved by Nutrition Australia. ACT Government agencies can only order from these approved menus. We’ve also implemented a food safety program to minimize any risk to our customers.

Type of events catered for?
We cater for every kind of event from corporate, government, social to private events including celebrations.

How about businesses that Swirl Catering has worked with?
We’ve worked with hundreds of private and corporate sector organisations including locals, educational institutions and property groups.

We don’t want to be seen just as a catering company, we want to grow to be Canberra’s offsite food, beverage and events service. We have big things planned going forward and want to shake up the industry so watch this space.

TEDxCanberra Momentum is on this Saturday, 16th September at the Canberra Theatre. We can’t wait to see you there!


Written by: Sallie Rodriguez