Attend­ance at a TEDx­Can­ber­ra con­fer­ence is first in-first served. We’ve always thought the TEDx­Can­ber­ra com­munity was diverse and inter­est­ing enough that we didn’t need to pick and choose.

Upcom­ing con­fer­ences

TEDx­Can­ber­ra Salon
March 25, 2017
Inspire Centre, Uni­ver­sity of Can­ber­ra

Price: $80-$100 (Con­ces­sion, Attendee)
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Speak­ing at TEDx­Can­ber­ra Con­fer­ences

Each TEDx­Can­ber­ra con­fer­ence fea­tures nearly 20 of the region’s most innov­at­ive and influ­en­tial speak­ers. If you know someone who belongs on the TEDx­Can­ber­ra stage, or if you belong there your­self, we want to hear from you!
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Past TEDx­Can­ber­ra con­fer­ences

TEDx­Can­ber­ra began as a small con­fer­ence in 2010, and was one of the early Aus­trali­an TEDx events. That single con­fer­ence has grown to embrace a rich and diverse com­munity of annu­al events, includ­ing spe­cial events sup­port­ing TED’s deep-dive con­fer­ences and events such as TED­Wo­men and TEDY­outh.
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