Adventures are designed to deepen connections in the TEDxCanberra community and put ideas into action.

Get behind the scenes access - TEDxCanberra Adventures are an invitation to interesting, behind-the-scenes access to the people and places that make Canberra such an amazing place to live and work. They extend the TEDx phenomenon beyond a single-day conference format and offer a platform for the community to spend time with speakers, partners, and innovators throughout the year.

Come for free - TEDxCanberra is committed to offering accessible experiences and cultivating a diverse, multi-generational audience by offering free (or occasional low cost) admission to our Adventures.

Meet with the leading minds in our community - Adventure organisers and participants go deeper into the concepts introduced through our talks, providing up-close-and-personal contact with speakers and ideas, in a format that encourages discussion and learning. Sometimes you'll also be hearing from other community innovators that haven't (yet) been on our stage or from our partners.

Planned by the TEDxCanberra Team - TEDxCanberra Adventures are designed to happen any time of the week, at any time of the day, at interesting venues around our region. They are cutting-edge, interactive, community-building, highly intimate events that deliver an alternate format to accelerating and advancing big ideas. Adventures will usually have fewer than 25 people, and will be curated and executed by a professional team of TEDxCanberra volunteers.

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