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Our Team

Volunteer army The team Volunteer organisers for TEDxCanberra

TEDxCanberra is organised by a volunteer team with the generous assistance of partners in the corporate and public sectors.

Putting TEDxCanberra together takes over 3000 volunteer hours every year. Our team, shown below, donate their time and effort to make TEDxCanberra the amazing event it is.

  • Stephen Collins

    Stephen Collins

    Stephen Collins is passionate and obsessive (often at the same time, and not always to his benefit) and uses those driving forces as TEDxCanberra’s creative catalyst.

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  • Gavin Tapp

    Gavin Tapp

    Gavin Tapp isn’t quite sure what his specialty is, but he hopes that when he finds it he can still keep doing a bit of everything. He aims to make TEDxCanberra engaging, exciting and welcoming.

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  • Clare Conroy

    Clare Conroy

    An original team member, Clare now uses her TEDx experience to guide the TEDxCanberra team as Team Mentor.

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  • Ruth Ellison

    Ruth Ellison

    Without Ruth Ellison’s help, the many hands that make lighter work of TEDxCanberra would be a mess. Ruth’s also mad about robots. None of our volunteers are robots. Maybe…

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  • Allison Denny-Collins

    Allison Denny-Collins

    Picking up any job that needs doing, Alli Denny-Collins makes sure everyone at TEDxCanberra has a great time. So far, she’s also managed to put up with Steve for 18 years…

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  • Dale Rogers

    Dale Rogers

    Dale Rogers provides some much-needed hands on experience with gaffer tape, cabling, 3-phase power and other stuff that can generally get you in trouble.

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  • Jude Burger

    Jude Burger

    Jude is the person responsible for the care and nurturing of TEDxCanberra’s community of partners.

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  • Ingrid Tomanovits

    Ingrid Tomanovits

    Ingrid brings passion, enthusiasm and just a little bit of madness to the table. Often accompanied by cupcakes.

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  • Jess Miller

    Jess Miller

    Jess Miller is on our Partner Team, looking after, and helping to create, the interesting integration of partners into TEDxCanberra

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  • Sharen Scott

    Sharen Scott

    Sharen is Production Manager for TEDxCanberra, making sure everything behind the scenes keeps flowing. It helps to be curious and explore the possibilities.

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  • Merlin Kong

    Merlin Kong

    Merlin is designing interactive connections between Canberra’s innovative thinkers and local communities.

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  • Nathanael Coyne

    Nathanael Coyne

    Nathanael Coyne assists with attendee experience to make sure everyone who comes to TEDxCanberra has a good time.

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  • Nancy Harrison

    Nancy Harrison

    Passionate about good-tasting, nutritious and local food places Nancy in the box seat to look after the bellies of TEDxCanberra attendees.

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  • Nikki Coleman

    Nikki Coleman

    The third Coleman to get involved in TEDxCanberra (her husband and daughter have been presenters), Nikki manages inclusion in our program and audience.

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