Announcing our short film competition…

Entries for our 2018 Short Film Competition are now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!  Shortlisted films and the winner will be announced on social media prior to show day. The winner will also be notified by email.

Are you a filmmaker and want your work featured in front of a live audience of 600 of Canberra’s leading thinkers, change makers and creatives?

Then we have the film competition for you!

TEDxCanberra invites submissions of short films in our competition, with the winner to be screened as part of our program at TEDxCanberra 2018.

The theme for this year’s conference is Divergence – exploring solutions beyond the norm, breaking patterns and challenging assumptions. It’s about the need to think, see and act differently. The winning film will be curated to fit in amongst the talks and performances for the day, and give the audience a chance to shift gears, be challenged, or crack a smile.




  1. Films may be no more than seven minutes long, including opening titles and credits.
  2. Final screener specifications / format: 16 x 9, 1920 x 1080 p, h264 mp4, 30 mb/s
  3. Your film must explore the theme of Divergence AND include at least one of the following elements:
  • A film that expresses the core mission of TED: ideas worth spreading
  • A film that includes a theme of Technology, Entertainment or Design (TED)
  • A film that combines one or more of the above, with a Canberra angle
  • A combination of all of the above.


Submissions may take on various formats including comedy, drama, animation, documentary – it’s really up to you.

Entries do not necessarily have to be created specifically for the event. If you think you have an existing product that fits our creative brief, we are happy for you to submit it: our only requirement is that you submit work that is original, and yours.

Submissions are now closed.

What’s in it for me?
Winners will get a double pass to TEDxCanberra 2018 and will have their film screened in front of our live audience on show day, an audience of around 600 movers and shakers in Canberra. Your film will also be featured on our website, and be uploaded to our YouTube channel.



The producer must have the rights to the material (e.g music) used in the film and be able to provide written evidence of this if requested.

You must obtain from each contributor the authorisations to use of image, sound, performance and the reproduction of said image, sound, performance.

You must also ensure you are either the owner of, or have authorisation or license from the owner of, the copyright in the sound recordings comprising the soundtrack to the film.

By entering your video in the TEDxCanberra 2018 Short Film Competition, you grant us permission to screen excerpts from your film/s for promotion and publicity for the TEDxCanberra event, including promotions on the internet (producer credits will be included).


Further Information

Enquiries should be directed to Mitchell Hunter at