Tips for tak­ing great pho­tos at TEDx­Can­ber­ra 2013

Boho Interactive at TEDxCanberra 2011

TEDx­Can­ber­ra attendees love to share, and that includes pho­tos they’ve taken on the day. You can see some of them on Flickr and upload your own to our group. If you’re a keen pho­to­grapher, here are some tips you might find use­ful on the day:

  • No flash in the theatre. Full stop. End of story. Just don’t do it. Touch your smart­phone screen in the darkest part of the pic­ture and it will increase the expos­ure without using flash.
  • When tak­ing can­did pho­tos dur­ing breaks, blend­ing in to the action will give you a bet­ter res­ult with few­er poses. Try dif­fer­ent angles.
  • Motion and emo­tion add move­ment, vibrancy, and the feel­ing of being part of the action. Look for express­ive faces, things that are mov­ing, inter­ac­tions.
  • Nat­ur­al light out­doors is the easi­est way to achieve good light­ing – head out­side dur­ing breaks and you’ll find per­formers and attendees bathed in sun­light. Touch­ing your smart­phone screen in the bright­est part of the pic­ture will darken the light­ing.
  • Focus on the thing that’s most import­ant in the pic­ture. On your smart­phone, touch the screen to focus on that area.
  • Keep the com­pos­i­tion sim­ple and focus on the most import­ant thing you see, but don’t stress about fram­ing – you can crop it later. Turn on the grid on your smart­phone to use the rule of thirds.

Wheth­er you’re a pro or a keen ama­teur, we’d love to hear your tips too. And if you cap­ture an amaz­ing moment on the day, do share via Flickr or tweet with #tedx­can­ber­ra (and fol­low us on @TEDxCanberra).


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