Jude’s choice for a great TEDx Talk – Embar­rass Your Daugh­ters! – Rachel Sim­mons – TEDx Women 2011

Rachel Sim­mons is the cofounder of the Girls Lead­er­ship Insti­tute and is pas­sion­ate about sup­port­ing girls to be well roun­ded, con­fid­ent and authen­tic women.

In this 2011 TEDx­Wo­men talk, she dis­cusses the import­ance of teach­ing our young girls how to effect­ively rep­res­ent their needs in rela­tion­ship – includ­ing how to man­age con­flict and fail­ure. Rachel talks power­fully about the psy­cho­lo­gic­al glass ceil­ing that affects women today:

  • Be power­ful, but nice.
  • Be smart, but don’t make any­one uncom­fort­able.
  • Be act­ive, as long as you’re skinny and sexy.

Rachel’s talk on Resi­li­ence is pre­faced by a talk from Claire San­nini, a young girl who talks elo­quently about los­ing a group of friends at school.

I agree with Rachel that sup­port­ing girls is a crit­ic­al com­pon­ent of hav­ing empowered women in the work­for­ce – not all girls know how to advoc­ate for them­selves effect­ively, espe­cially when there is a cul­tur­al pres­sure to be likable at all times. Moth­ers have an import­ant role in teach­ing their daugh­ters how to be assert­ive.

A great talk for any­one with daugh­ters.

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