Do you want to take the stage at TEDx­Can­ber­ra 2012?

In past years, audi­ence talks at TEDx­Can­ber­ra have been a high­light of the pro­gram. So, because they do offer such a great addi­tion to the pro­gram, we’re once again giv­ing you, our com­munity, the chance to take the stage at TEDx­Can­ber­ra 2012 and tell us your idea worth spread­ing.

Pitch­ing an audi­ence talk is pretty straigh­for­ward. Here are the rules:

  • by 5:00PM 10 August, you must sub­mit your idea of no more than 100 words or one minute of video – late entries or one word or one second over and you’re out of the run­ning
  • it doesn’t need to be a talk (as such) – it could be a per­form­ance, art, music, dance, a talk, singing, whatever
  • you must sub­mit your idea to us by email­ing your idea, or a link to the video (do not email us the video) to audiencetalks@tedxcanberra.org – this is the only way we will accept sub­mis­sions
  • we will select small num­ber of poten­tial ideas over the week­end of 11 – 12 August and con­tact you if we select your idea for audi­tion
  • we will then audi­tion your idea in a 5 – 10 minute pitch meet­ing at a cafe in Civic on 14 or 15 August – if you’re not avail­able at the place and time we want you, you’re out
  • we will decide and noti­fy suc­cess­ful applic­ants by 5:00PM 16 August
  • your talk, if selec­ted, can­not exceed three minutes and can­not use more than three slides (and prefer­ably none – tell the story)
  • you must attend TEDx­Can­ber­ra rehears­al on 7 Septem­ber and oth­er­wise com­ply with oth­er presen­ter require­ments
  • you do not need to already have a place at TEDx­Can­ber­ra

Go for it!

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