Viv’s pick for a great TED Talk – Ric Eli­as – Three Things I Learned As My Plane Crashed – TED 2011

Simple messages can be powerful. That’s what I love about this TED talk.

It’s not a talk to address poverty in the devel­op­ing world, to intro­duce a new par­a­digm around the way social enter­prise can help local com­mu­ni­ties or to tackle the really big ideas such as a new model for a global indus­try. It’s a story about life spin­ning on a sin­gle moment, the immense power of an almost-certain-death expe­ri­ence and how that can change the very essence of self. It’s a story about reassess­ment, and a re-focus on the sim­ple things.

This is a story about a dad who thought he was going to die. Ric Elias recounts how that expe­ri­ence shaped a new way of think­ing, and it’s a poignant per­sonal reflec­tion on the power of con­nec­tion. I think it’s a story about a fun­da­men­tal human truth – when it comes to the crunch, we have an innate desire to nur­ture our off­spring and loved ones. In the face los­ing it all, we see a future re-defined by love. I like this sim­ple les­son – for any par­ent, it’s worth viewing.

You too, can choose to ‘elim­i­nate neg­a­tive energy’ from your life.

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