Steve’s pick for a great TEDx talk – Peter van Uhm’s Why I chose a gun (TEDxAm­s­ter­dam 2011)

As we’ve done in pre­vi­ous years, the team is going to be post­ing here reg­u­larly in the lead up to TEDx­Can­ber­ra 2012 so that you, our com­munity, can get to know us a little bet­ter.

This year, we’ve chose to focus on each select­ing a talk from a TEDx event some­where in the world that we think illus­trates all the things that make a great talk – loc­al tal­ent, loc­al applic­ab­il­ity, rel­ev­ance to the attendees and, the kick­er, true rel­ev­ance on a glob­al basis.

For my talk, I’ve chosen Gen­er­al Peter van Uhm’s Why I chose a gun, from TEDxAm­s­ter­dam 2011. For me, this talk brings for­ward sev­er­al mat­ters that don’t often get a run at TEDx events – the mil­it­ary, a per­son who ostens­ibly ought to be quite con­ser­vat­ive, and yet expresses a view from the per­spect­ive of enter­ing the mil­it­ary to pre­serve peace rather than to pro­sec­ute a war. I ima­gine this will be one of the TEDx talks we’ll all be dis­cuss­ing for a long time, as it raises issues that a TEDx audi­ence don’t always get to look at in this way.

For your edi­fic­a­tion, Gen­er­al Peter van Uhm.

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