State of the X – TEDx­Can­ber­ra by the num­bers

Inspired by the latest TEDx glob­al stats for April, we decided to do the num­bers on our own talks and events. They show just how import­ant our com­munity is to TEDx­Can­ber­ra; without you, we’re noth­ing.

TEDx­Can­ber­ra by the num­bers:

  • two sold-out TEDx­Can­ber­ra events – 2010 and 2011, anti­cip­at­ing sold out event in 2012 in 600-seat theatre
  • Sold out in 30 minutes in 2011
  • 30% from out­side Can­ber­ra (includ­ing inter­na­tion­als) with vis­it­ors from every state except WA and Tas­mania in 2011
  • Aver­age 3 days in Can­ber­ra per vis­it
  • Age 10 – 80 in 2011
  • Skew ter­tiary edu­cated and above aver­age income

TEDx­Can­ber­ra Talks by the num­bers:

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