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  1. Suzanne Kiraly
    Suzanne Kiraly February 3, 2012 at 10:54 AM | | Reply

    Would love to be a volunteer for TEDxCanberra. I am a writer, blogger, niche market publisher and trainer for social media for a local PR company. I’m sure that some of my skills may come in handy. Oh…and I am passionate about TED and have attended both TEDxCanberra events and blogged and tweeted about them.

  2. Sharon Neill
    Sharon Neill February 22, 2012 at 9:58 AM | | Reply

    I would love to volunteer on a teir 1. on the day helper or teir 2. Volunteer.
    I first encountered Ted Talks through my Facebook acount in 2008 with a Talk from Neil Turok and his program AIMS, I also listened to a talk from Jill Bolte Taylor on how it feels to have a stroke. Both very good speakers who presented their topics well, I have not followed Ted Talks for a while but would love to volunteer. A freind mentioned you were seeking volunteers and I should apply.
    I am work as a Clinical Coderand have volunteered previously as a M.C. or Stage Manager at the Multicultral Festival and Folk Festival I have also volunteer iwith organisations such as Cancer Council Qld. If you have something for me to do would love to be involved.
    Yours Sharon Neill

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