We’d love to know what you thought of TEDx­Can­ber­ra

If you atten­ded TEDx­Can­ber­ra 2010 last week­end, we’d very much like to know what you thought about it. Did we choose good presenters? The right mix? How about the ven­ue? The tick­et­ing sys­tem we used? The volun­teers? Was Steve a good host?

Any feed­back you have to offer makes us under­stand how we went a little bet­ter. And gives us some­thing to aim for in 2011.

There are already a num­ber of blog posts dis­cuss­ing the day, may­be you can draw some inspir­a­tion from them:


Steve and the TEDx­Can­ber­ra crew

18 Responses

  1. Steph­en and Crew

    Excel­lent job. Many present­a­tions made me think about things slightly dif­fer­ently than nor­mal. For any­one this is a good thing. The final ses­sion espe­cially was excel­lent.

    Still think­ing about how to approach a blo­g­post, if at all. All I know is it is all about out­comes. Time to have some

    Much appre­ci­ated


  2. Darius @alearningthing

    All the now much-offered super­lat­ives apply: inspir­ing, thought­ful, pro­fes­sion­ally staged, well themed, excel­lent choice of speak­ers on broad range of import­ant sub­jects. NLA & book­plate did a ter­ri­fic job.
    Some sug­ges­tions.
    Regis­tra­tion pro­cess was unusu­al. I enjoyed the oppor­tun­ity to build a pro­file for the event. How­ever, when the pro­cess moved from EOI to form­al regis­tra­tion my part­ner @newgradlib had to redo the pro­file inform­a­tion (I was in trans­it so she enrolled on my behalf). The page indic­ated that the inform­a­tion was edit­able later but I could not work out how to do this.

    (For the NLA) I, and oth­ers, had prob­lems with mobile & wifi con­nectiv­ity in the theatre; poor recep­tion & repeatedly logged off the NLA hot­spot. Made con­trib­ut­ing to back chan­nel dif­fi­cult.

    I am keen to engage with oth­ers who share my par­tic­u­lar pas­sions in an ongo­ing way, but oth­er than gen­er­al twit­ter feeds there seems to be no way of eas­ily gain­ing tar­geted leads on who I might col­lab­or­ate with. Is it pos­sible some­thing could be arranged, per­haps for attendees pro­files to be made avail­able through your site?

    Over­all, con­grat­u­la­tions on a job excel­lently well done. I look for­ward to par­ti­cip­at­ing again next year.

    1. We plan to ask few­er ques­tions next year. This year was a bit of an exper­i­ment. Edit­ing Event­brite regis­tra­tions is a little mys­ter­i­ous, I work­ing with them on it. They are very recept­ive to feed­back. I sug­gest you add your $0.02 through their feed­back mech­an­isms – it will help.

      Wifi – like I said, it’s usu­ally reli­able. But we did put it under strain. I should have noted it was avail­able.

      Let’s see what we can do about enabling col­lab­or­a­tion. We didn’t want to over­load attendees with expect­a­tions of par­ti­cip­a­tion this time, but it was in our minds.


      1. Darius

        I enjoyed the extent of ques­tion­ing in the EOI pro­cess. It was chal­len­ging at first, but it encour­aged me to be clear about what I wanted from my TED exper­i­ence and allowed me to explore in advance what I might be will­ing to con­trib­ute to ongo­ing conversations/actions.
        I will leave feed­back @ Event­brite. The lack of fol­low through from EOI to regis­tra­tion really was annoy­ing.

        PS Thanks so much for your con­tin­ued com­mit­ment to Saturday’s event. It can be so easy to take the foot off the ped­al when the big day is done.

      2. Darius

        Re expect­a­tions of attendee par­ti­cip­a­tion, are there options for an opt-in sys­tem and dis­claim­er? Should be sim­ple enough if Event­brite (or your own site) man­ages it.

  3. Many thanks for a won­der­ful day!

    The presenters were diverse, enga­ging and pas­sion­ate about their top­ics. Steve linked all present­a­tions seam­lessly with his infec­tious enthu­si­asm. I loved that he had enlis­ted his daugh­ter as a help­er too. 

    I dig the inter­act­ive form­at. The listen­ers got a chance to speak, the speak­ers took the time to listen and the con­ver­sa­tion was dynam­ic in the vir­tu­al and real worlds alike. 

    My per­son­al high­light was Pete Wil­li­ams. His present­a­tion on the Flower­dale com­munity was com­pletely inspir­a­tion­al.

    Next year I’d love to see some innov­at­ive live music on the bill too. Per­haps in the place of TED videos? They were great selec­tions but I had already seen them. Also, watch­ing from a big screen isn’t quite as enga­ging as a tan­gible, approach­able human. 

    It is evid­ent how much time and effort the organ­isers donated to the event. Their efforts are appre­ci­ated.

    See you next year!

    1. @bridget

      We want more live music, and I think we’ll make that a pri­or­ity for 2011.

      We are required to make 25 per cent of the pro­gram out of TEDTalks videos, so they aren’t going away. But we will choose inter­est­ing ones, I prom­ise!


  4. I liked it so much I blogged about it too!


    I’m very keen to add in the links to the video as well.

    The ven­ue was excel­lent, but many of us couldn’t get any recep­tion for Twit­ter in the theatre. We real­ised wire­less was avail­able very late in the day.

    The host and the volun­teers were great. It looked a bit funny when they hung about in the stair­way though. Why not claim a spare seat after every­one has settled.

    The food was also very good. I was sur­prised that many of the presenters didn’t make them­selves more open to chat dur­ing the breaks, but I sup­pose that’s a per­son­al choice.

    Put­ting tThe top­ics on our name tags was a cool idea, but they need to be a big­ger fonts (like everyone’s first name) to make them easi­er to spot.

    I can’t wait til TEDx­Can­ber­ra 2011!!

    1. @ryan

      The NLA wifi is usu­ally pretty reli­able. I doubt there’s been so many people using in the theat­er at once too often.

      The presenters were all up in the pub­lic spaces dur­ing breaks, you just had to find them. They were pretty pop­ular con­ver­sa­tion part­ners. No green room at TEDx­Can­ber­ra!

      Big­ger font? Check!


  5. @Steve I meant our per­son­al phone ser­vice was no good down there, and some of us didn’t know the NLA wire­less was avail­able. My bad.

    And I’ll stalk the presenters next time ;o)

  6. Sam

    Next year will it be at a lar­ger capa­city ven­ue? This year it sold out so quickly.
    I think the ANU would make an excel­lent ven­ue for this.

    1. We know it would be easy to sell more tick­ets and run a big­ger event. But doing so brings with it a bunch of addi­tion­al logist­ic­al twists. Not that we couldn’t handle them, but they would exist.

      With the way the NLA is set up, there are def­in­ite bene­fits to us keep­ing it there.

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