Dreams are what make us who we are”

TED wouldn’t exist without the big dreams of people like Richard Saul Wur­man and Chris Ander­son. Equally, TEDx wouldn’t exist without the dreams of the folk at TED and the hun­dreds of people all around the world who put in thou­sands of hours mak­ing their events come to life.

In this new mini-doc­u­ment­ary, TED vet­er­an and edu­ca­tion reformer, Sir Ken Robin­son, and TED new­bie artist, Raghava KK let us into their worlds as they pre­pare for their talks at TED2010. It’s an intim­ate, insight­ful, touch­ing look at what it takes to make the TED dream come true.

In just two weeks, we hope that our TEDx dream for TEDx­Can­ber­ra lives up to the dream for our speak­ers and attendees.

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