The big list – new speak­ers for TEDx­Can­ber­ra

It’s been a good long while since we announced any new speak­ers, though we’ve dropped a few hints about who some of them are. While this doesn’t final­ise the list, it does rather fill it out.

We’re pretty excited about how the line-up is going and think 23 Octo­ber is going to be quite the big day. Hope­fully, you’re as excited as we are.

So, without fur­ther ado, here are eight new speak­ers for TEDx­Can­ber­ra!

biasThe former com­mer­cial pilot, human factors expert and semi-pro scep­tic Ash Don­ald­son wants us to under­stand how it is we’re fooled into believ­ing things are good for us when they aren’t. If you listen in to him and take away his mes­sage, you’ll be bet­ter equipped to make informed judge­ments on influ­ences in your life.

dawnDawn O’Neil has been the CEO of Life­line for 10 years. In that time, her work on men­tal health and sui­cide pre­ven­tion has made her a power­ful voice in chan­ging soci­etal atti­tudes and ensur­ing that people at risk are able to access the ser­vices and assist­ance they des­per­ately need

ostiniSpace is the final fron­ti­er for Mar­co Ostini and the team at the Lun­ar Num­bat Pro­ject. They’re aim­ing to get a small, Aus­tralia-New Zeal­and built, vehicle on the moon. In doing so, they hope to answer some big ques­tions.

whitelawMitchell Whitelaw spends his days dream­ing up new ways to visu­al­ise cul­tur­al inform­a­tion so that it makes sense to people. As an advoc­ate for open gov­ern­ment data and the release of cul­tur­al visu­al mater­i­al under open licenses, his work is recog­nised inter­na­tion­ally.

williamsHis work on ima­gin­ing a bet­ter soci­ety has made Pete Wil­li­ams an acknow­ledged author­ity on build­ing a more open, accept­ing and bet­ter-man­aged world in a time when as-usu­al think­ing res­ults in more of the same. He has been a crit­ic­al part of rebuild­ing Flower­dale after the Black Sat­urday fires.

Simon Taylor will make you think as you real­isetaylor what you see, isn’t actu­ally what’s hap­pen­ing. He has a back­ground in psy­cho­logy but fills his time as an illu­sion­ist who exposes the lie in our per­cep­tion of the world. Depend­ing on how you look at it, that makes for hil­ar­ity or some­thing pretty scary. At TEDx­Can­ber­ra, we hope it’s the former.

sunnyHis work in South-East Asia has brought clean drink­ing water to many in Laos since 2008. As the driv­ing for­ce behind Abund­ant­Water, Sunny For­syth is empower­ing loc­al people to ensure they and their fam­il­ies are able to access clean, safe water in places where, in the past, this has been a real chal­lenge and a major pub­lic health issue.

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